TCFF is a first-class creator and manufacturer of fragrances,flavours and essential oil extraction used in a wide variety of consumer products world wide.

TCFF is a joint venture between two international enterprises;Guanzhou Baihau Flavours and Fragrances Co., Ltd (GFF) and the Masson Group Co., Ltd since 1988.
Vision and
TCFF  is profoundly dedicated to (VISION) in every area of its business, utilizing knowledge, creativity and superior technology to answer customer’s project requirements.
Facts and

• Sales by Category: 30% from essential oils; 30% from fragrances; 16% from flavours; 4% from natural extracts
• Exporting Countries: United States, Great Britain, Canada, Japan, China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Burma
• On-going Projects:
• Co-research with National Research Council of Thailand to conduct further studies on essential oil Thai flowers to be used in aromatherapy.

• Co-study with Industrial and Research Projects For Undergraduate Students (IRPUS) under the topic of “Development of Cosmetics Containing Aromatic Oils From Thai Medicinal Plants for Acne Treatment”.